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The quality a brush and roll paint job offers simply cannot be duplicated. Compared to a paint job where a sprayer was used, a brush and roll coat is almost twice as thick, leading to a more durable, longer lasting paint job. The proper way to achieve a great brush and roll job is really quite simple, by following just a few rules:

Proper prep-work is absolutely critical- Your Denver painting contractor can do an amazing paint job, but if you don’t prep properly, you are wasting your time and money! Powerwash your house first, this will eliminate all dirt and debris from the house and allow for proper adhesion. Second, caulk every cracked board, scrape all peeling paint and make sure to prime every board, especially in Denver. Don’t let someone tell you that painting bare boards twice with regular paint will suffice; primer is designed to soak into the board and seal it from the inside out, whereas paint is meant to be a protective top-coat.

More paint on your roller is better- don’t try and skimp on paint to save a few extra bucks here and there, the benefits of applying a thorough coat of paint will pay dividends for you years down the road when your home still looks like it was painted yesterday! Additionally, don't let painting contractors skimp either.

Back-Brush! - Once you have rolled the thick coat of paint on your home, make sure to run a wet brush over what you have just painted. Often times, when up on a ladder or even just in the sun it is impossible to see if you missed a spot here and there. Denver painters should always know this, considering our bright sun. Back-brushing also works the paint into the wood, which can prevent peeling down the road.

Take your time, do it right the first time! Experienced exterior house painters knows to go fast enough to be efficient, but not too fast. Whether you are painting your entire house, or just one room nothing is worse than having to re-do sloppy Work or having to clean up splatters because you didn’t want to move a drop-cloth.

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